New nematicide cartridges pay

GROWERS LOOKING to control nematodes and wireworm could increase the accuracy of granular nematicide applications after the launch of a new precision cartridge, the makers claim.

The new versions of self-contained cartridges are easier to setup and calibrate and have reduced wear, resulting in more accurate application, according to Techneat Engineering.

Improved accuracy helps avoid economic and environmental losses while ensuring growers achieve better pest control, said the firm‘s Tom Neat.

“Operators have found the cost of cartridges is quickly recouped from the improved accuracy of application, reduced downtime…and longer life before replacement.”

The new cartridges are available specifically calibrated for applying Nemathorin (fosthiazate), Temik (aldicarb), Vydate (oxamyl) and Mocap (ethoprophos) and cost from £85, the company said.