New options for Atlantis

NEW RECOMMENDATIONS for an existing sulfonylurea herbicide could give growers more grass-weed control flexibility, Bayer CropScience has announced.

The changes mean that, subject to certain provisos, Atlantis (mesosulfuron-methyl + iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium), plus biopower adjuvant can now be used without a residual partner, explained the firm‘s, Barrie Hunt.

But, in order to do so, firstly the crop must have received an effective pre or post-emergence non-ALS herbicide, he said.

“The second, and perhaps most important point, to remember is that no further grass-weed germination must be expected,” Mr Hunt emphasised.

Where further emergence is expected, or there is no autumn programme, the residual partner is still compulsory, he said.

Growers should be particularly wary of ryegrass in this situation, as germination is typically protracted and a residual partner is often required into the spring, he added.