New six-row barley shows promise

WINTER BARLEY growers should look seriously at a new six-row variety, following successful trial results this harvest, according to Dalton Seeds, which markets the variety in the UK.

Yielding 10% above the UK treated control mean of 8.7t/ha in Home Grown Cereals Authority trials, Colibri is the first conventional variety to match the top yields of the hybrids, the firm said.

Its yield was 6% and 8% above established six-row varieties Siberia and Pict respectively and 11% above the standard two-row variety Pearl, results showed.

The company said Colibri’s good disease resistance ratings – yellow rust 9, rhynchosporium and net blotch 8 and mildew and brown rust 7 – are reflected in untreated yields of 7.66t/ha.

Dalton’s James Wallace said the feed-quality variety would be suitable for mixed livestock farmers or arable growers looking for a “barn filler”.

But with moderate straw height and a lodging resistance rating of six, a growth regulator programme is recommended.

“We have a small quantity of seed for growers to try on a field scale this year and anyone interested should contact their seed merchant.”

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