New weapon unveiled in grain store pests war

A WIDE RANGE of grain and seed storage pests can be tackled at low doses with a new fast-acting but long-lived FMC insecticide being handled in the UK by Nickerson.

ProStore combines two active ingredients – bifenthrin and malathion – both established chemicals, says FMC”s Helen Pruul.

“We found that when used together they have synergistic effects that give significantly improved performance over other treatments.”

FMC claims ProStore will deal with a wider range of significant pests than other materials, providing control within 48 hours and protecting against further attacks for six months. “It can be applied to the store itself or to the grain. There is no withholding period nor any residue issues,” stresses Ms Pruul.

It can be used on wheat, barley and oats and is already widely accepted by French millers and maltsters, she adds.

ProStore comes in a conventional EC for dilution and spot spraying to suit most farm and commercial grain stores.

It is also available as a ready-to-use product for ultra-low-volume application in highly automated grain storage and handling systems.

FMC and Nickerson have commissioned a purpose-built applicator for this formulation to minimise operator exposure.

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