NFU and CLA sign bioethanol declaration

THE NFU and the Country Land and Business Association have added their backing to an industry campaign to promote bioethanol and secure increased government support.

The NFU and the CLA are among 13 companies and a research fellow from Imperial College to take out a whole page advert in the Independent on Wed (June 15).

The list of organisations includes:

• Ford Motor Company
• Saab Great Britain
• British Sugar
• Wessex Grain
• Renewables East
• Transport 2000
• Roquette
• North Energy
• Regensw (south west renewable energy agency)
• Transport and General Workers Union

In their joint declaration they say bioethanol production in the UK could create and secure up to 10,000 jobs as well as providing a pathway for renewable hydrogen energy in the future.

The signatories call on the government to introduce, at the earliest possible opportunity, the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation permitted under the Energy Act 2004.

In so doing, they claim, this would requires suppliers to invest in renewable fuels ensuring that at least 5.75% of all transport fuels sold in the UK are renewable by 2010.


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