No medals for Oxon Winner

The first 27.5ha (68 acres) of swathed Winner yielded 3.5t/ha (1.42t/acre), measured by counting total number of trailer loads off the field, and came in at 10.5% moisture.

“It looked a better crop than it yielded,” said partner Phil Kinch but the yield is “on a par” with the farm‘s long term average.

“It‘s disappointing, but we can‘t grumble too much.”

There‘s now a wait until the rest of the 120ha (300 acres) of Winner, Canberra and “odd bits” of Escort and Libomir are ready.

“They‘re all still a bit green – it‘s a frustratingly slow start.”

But at least the new Claas Lexion combine is going well: “I‘d prefer it if we could push the stick forward and get on, but I‘ve certainly had no complaints.

“I‘ve not yet been allowed on it, which must be a good sign.”

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