Norfolk yields exceed expectations

“We’ve had 55mm of rain since 3pm Friday (11 August) and had 76mm in August so far,” said Nick Pratt at Downham Market, Norfolk. But wheat progress had been good until Friday, with yields exceeding expectations.

Fifty six hectares (140 acres) of Access came in at 9.5t/ha (3.8t/acre), 38ha (95 acres) of Nijinsky at 8.5t/ha (3.4t/acre), and 6ha (15 acres) of Dover at 8.75t/ha (3.5t/acre).

“This represents a very good result so far and it has belied our fears about heat stress and drought – that’s a distant memory after the last 36hrs.”

Mr Pratt said only the Nijinsky had been a little disappointing. “Its standing power is now questionable and flattered to deceive.”

Spring barley had all been cut by August 10. Three farms growing 120ha (300 acres) Cocktail yielded 5.35t/ha (2.14t/acre), producing 640 tonnes. One farm on very light land yielded 4.83t/ha (1.9t/acre) but the other two were very pleasing at 6.21t/ha (2.48t/acre).

He added: “I can only hope for a settled period and that wheat quality has not gone.”

• Crop: Spring barley
• Variety: Cocktail
• Area: 120ha
• Yield: 5.33t/ha

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Access, Nijinsky, Dover
• Area: Access 56ha, Nijinsky 38ha, Dover 6ha
• Yield: Access 9.5t/ha, Nijinsky 8.5t/ha, Dover 8.75t/ha

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