Oilseed rape gone well in Oxon

Farmer Lionel Wells from Banbury is pleased with his oilseed rape harvest saying it had gone well and all combined easily.

Canberra and Caracus yielded 4.13t/ha which he was very pleased with. Pyramid yielded slightly lower at 3.9 – 4t/ha which he said he could excuse as it was on poorer land.

Quality looked fine apart from one or two red seeds due to cutting slightly early to avoid the rain. Moisture ranged from 14% early one morning to 8% he said.

Mr Wells said the wheat was pretty good and he is looking to start cutting next week (w/c July 8).

  • Crop/Variety: Oilseed rape – Canberra, Caracus, Pyramid

  • Area: 47.2ha

  • Yield: Canberra and Caracus – 4.13t/ha, Pyramid – 3.9-4t/ha

  • Quality: N/A

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