West: Two weeks until OSR desiccation

Wheat T3 started 2 weeks ago and was completed by the end of last week, with all varieties flowering. Grafton was the earliest and was flowering by Friday 11th June, this variety looks very well and just hope it yields well so that we can increase the acreage going in after winter oilseed rape.

All wheat is showing little sign of septoria moving much above leaf four at the moment, and as ever no sign of yellow or brown rust at the moment.

Winter rape is as green as grass at the moment and can not see us being able to start dessication for at least two weeks. i will use glyphosate rather than diquat. ES Cubic is starting to turn and will be the 1st to desiccate.

We have had anywhere between 15-35mm of welcome rain during the last two weeks which has certainly helped the majority of crops. Medium to heavy land has kept the moisture in, but lighter land could do with more rain after a hot windy weekend.

I’m starting to plan autumn cropping and which oilseed rape, wheat and barley varieties to grow.

I’m also planning where applications of organic manure will be applied. Note needs to be taken where applied last year when in an NVZ and not making a repeat field limit application within 365 days of the previous application.

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