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Everything you need to know about Clearfield® this autumn

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At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.

More than 117,000 employees in the BASF Group work on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world.

Our portfolio is organized into six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions.

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BASF manufactures the Clearfield® herbicides Cleranda® and Cleravo® which, together with Clearfield varieties of oilseed rape, make up the Clearfield® system.

Both herbicides offer impressive brassica weed and volunteer oilseed rape control. As well as the widest range of broad-leaved weed control.

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BASF is excited to launch the new Clearfield® varieties InV1166CL® and InV1266CL®. These varieties originate from the European portfolio where they have shown great yield consistency, quantitative and qualitative phoma resistance and excellent autumn vigour which have also been seen in the UK environment.

As these are part of the InVigor® portfolio, both are covered under the Establishment Risk Share Programme

Discover more about InV1166CL® and in InV1266CL® .

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Benefits of the Clearfield® system

Clearfield infographic-Hybrid system

Weed control in oilseed rape

The Clearfield® system provides a comprehensive post-emergence solution for the control of a broad spectrum of weeds in oilseed rape. Most crucially this includes brassica weeds such as charlock.

It is important to remove weed competition early on, particularly where crops are struggling under cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) attack.

The table below illustrates the relative competitiveness of key weeds in oilseed rape, some of which can be highly competitive with the crop.

Table shows the relative weed competitiveness in oilseed rape. Source HGCA project 530 2015

Weeds such as charlock, chickweed, crane’s-bill and shepherd’s purse tend to be early germinators.

In our increasingly open autumns, charlock can quickly become too big to rely on frosts or the late use of bifenox, and early drilling will also excaberate the problem.

As well as causing early crop competition during the key establishment period, high levels of brassica weeds can also increase lodging risk and cause issues for combining and seed quality.

The Clearfield® system offers a solution for broad spectrum weed control post-emergence of the crop

Growers also value Clearfield® for the control of oilseed rape volunteers, which can make up a significant proportion of some oilseed rape crops.

Controlling volunteers helps with achieving an optimum plant canopy, which is essential for maximising yields.

In addition, volunteers have been identified as a major contributor to erucic acid contamination. Their control leads to a purer oil sample at harvest, especially where high erucic acid rape (HEAR) or industrial rape on set-aside has been grown in the past.

How to get the best out of the Clearfield® System

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Water Stewardship with When2g0

What is wHen2g0?

wHen2g0  is a smart tool which helps to improve application timings of metazachlor and quinmerac, to minimise the risk to water.

By evaluating a combination of soil type, drainage, cultivation method and weather, the tool provides an eight-day forecast with a traffic light system to indicate the optimum timing for water stewardship.

By following the recommendation, you can ensure your herbicide application stays in the field where it is needed and minimises threat to water.

How does it work?

By considering soil type, drainage and cultivation method, the tool can calculate the approximate drainage rate of your soil.

By pairing this information with past and forecasted weather, it can estimate your soil wetness and soil capacity.

Depending on the result of this calculation, it can then make a recommendation as to when a product should be applied.

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BASF’s InVigor® portfolio offers exceptionally vigorous hybrid varieties

Since the ban on neonicotinoid seed treatments, growers have faced increasing challenges in establishing winter oilseed rape crops.

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