Oilseed rape growers get new spring herbicide option

Oilseed rape growers who failed to apply any herbicides this autumn due to the wet weather have a new spring product Korvetto to add to their weed control armoury.

The maker Corteva says the new herbicide, with full approval for spring use, has a wider broad-leaved weed control spectrum than its own already widely used Galera.

The new product contains active ingredient Arylex (halauxifen-methyl), as used in autumn oilseed rape herbicide Belkar, in a mixture with cloypralid, while Galera is a mix of cloypralid and picloram.

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Iulia Kovalova, the group’s field technical manager for arable herbicides in the UK and Ireland, says the product gives particularly good control of thistles, cleavers and mayweed, and also control of cranesbill and poppies.

“It will be a good option if growers have not applied any herbicide to oilseed rape crops in the autumn,” she tells Farmers Weekly.

The new product will have a similar spray window to Galera, that is from 1 March to the green bud stage in oilseed rape.


Arylex + cloypralid  (Korvetto)
Picloram + cloypralid (Galera)  

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