Photos: Radio-controlled jet aircraft crashes into wheat field

A farmer has warned of the potential dangers of flying radio-controlled planes over fields at harvest time after a jet crashed into his field of wheat.

The five-foot radio-controlled (RC) jet crash landed in a 50-acre wheat field in East Keal, near Spilsby on 13 August, burning up on impact.

While there was no damage done, farmer Wil Hawkes points out how easily the wheat, which is ready for harvest, could have gone up in flames.

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Mr Hawkes wants to highlight the dangers to RC aircraft enthusiasts and for farmers to be vigilant.

He said “We could have very easily lost 50 acres of wheat, and that’s not counting the fields neighbouring it. 

“I’m sure the majority of radio controlled jet pilots are responsible and intelligent enough to not fly them around crops ready to harvest, but possibly there are a few who need to be reminded to use the meat between their ears.”

The path of the RC jet in the wheat field

The path of the jet across the wheat field

A close-up of the radio-controlled jet

The radio-controlled jet plane landed in the margins

A burnt piece of the jet

The jet burned up on impact

The smashed up jet on the ground

The debris left behind by the crash

Part of the engine from the jet

Part of the engine from the jet


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