PICTURES: Harvest, cultivations and a few sticky problems

Your pictures of harvest highlights and harvest lowlights continue to arrive. Here are some of the best from the past week including a taster from our Cultivations Corner picture gallery.

another size of winch

Guy Lee from Sandystones Farm, Ancrum in the Scottish borders using a 1955 AEC Militant with a 40t winch to haul a combine out of a wet spot.

combine stuck UGC

Hannah Kerby sent in the picture of her Dad Roger’s combine from Berryfield Farm in Newbold on Stour, Warwickshire. Her caption suggestion: “What were you doing on the ploughed field in the first place?!”

grain trailer on side UGC

Joe Love (12) says he is hoping that when he gets to do the trailers for Love Brothers Limited of Warrington Cheshire, he will do a better job than this.

sunset harvest UGC

Robin Aird, farm manager of Charlton Park Farms near Malmesbury in Wiltshire harvesting with a NH CR9080 at 22%. Picture by George Syrett.

olc combine UGC

Andrew Simmonds on an International 8-51 combine cutting spring barley at Pwlperran Farm, on Welsh borders near Erwood Powys.

ploughing UGC

Ploughing at Dawson Farms, Swainby, North Yorkshire. Picture by Anthea Kitching.

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