Polytunnels approved on five acres of Berkshire farmland

A council has approved plans to build nearly five acres of polytunnels on farmland.

The 3m-high (9.8ft), 125m long (410ft) plastic tunnels will cover 1.25ha (4.6 acres) of farmland at Manor Farm, Finchampstead.

The land has previously been used for grazing and growing crops.

Wokingham Borough Council’s planning committee approved the plans at a meeting on Wednesday night (25 April).

Despite objections from hundreds of villagers, councillors gave the controversial plans the green light, stating the tunnels must be at least 10m from the boundary hedging.

Locals had complained that the polytunnels would be a factory and ruin the landscape, but the council planning officers rejected the claims.

But farm owner Slavey Slavchev said the land was for agricultural use and building the polytunnels would provide work for up to 20 more people.

EU Plants Ltd has now been given permission to build the tunnels to grow soft fruit plants. The firm plans to grow six millions fruit plants on the site.

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