Poppy post-em control possibility in oilseed rape

A new post-emergence oilseed rape herbicide from Dow AgroSciences could help solve some of the challenges growers are facing with poppy control.

GF2540, which contains propyzamide and a new active ingredient for the oilseed rape market, will have the same application window as Kerb, but in addition to grassweeds, also controls mayweed, groundsel, thistles and poppies.

“It will be the poppy control that interests growers,” Stuart Jackson, Dow AgroScience’s herbicide technical manager, suggested. “It has post-emergence contact activity against the weed.”

That could allow growers to alter pre-emergence tactics in oilseed rape, where poppy is a target weed, he said. “At the moment, growers have a significant spend at pre-emergence for poppy control, but this product could allow them to tailor that spend, and use this product later in the season.”

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