Potential new Group 3 wheat launched

Group 3 wheat growers could have another variety to choose from this autumn, following Nickerson’s launch of Cassius.

The candidate soft milling variety will be considered for full HGCA Recommended List approval this year, but limited quantities of seed will be available for autumn sowing, Nickerson’s Lee Robinson said.

“Group 3’s are a major outlet for UK growers with the market dominated by Consort, then Claire and Robigus in recent years. We now need the next generation of Group 3 varieties to keep our lead.”

Cassius has high yield potential (105) and is rated 7 for mildew, 9 for yellow and brown rust, 6 for Septoria tritici and 4 for eyespot (based on limited data).

The firm says that results from 2007 suggest it is potentially suitable for early sowing and could perform well as a second wheat.