East: Preparing for the winter

We are nearing the point when the grower’s favourite chemical is about to be added to the sprayer, anti freeze.


Propyzamide and carbetamide applications should soon be under way, although this depends on soil temperature, which needs to be 8C or lower at 10cm depth. There also needs to be enough soil moisture to allow these chemicals to work, but at the same time need to be aware of the risk of leaching.


Phoma has now largely been treated, though there will be a need for some fungicide/herbicide tank mixes to be applied, particularly as first sprays going onto varieties with good phoma ratings, or as a second treatment going on to crops treated early.


Barley is still being treating with chlorotoluron (if the variety allows), combined with an insecticide.  The barley on lighter land is also been treated with manganese.

Most wheat crops have now emerged, and the effectiveness of the pre-emergence sprays is being assessed.  At writing, around 10% of the wheat area has a recommendation for autumn Atlantis application, although this is expected to rise. The weather will be the deciding factor, as we need a dry leaf, suitable ground conditions and blackgrass that is growing.


Indications are that late sown wheats, after sugar beet are at high risk of wheat bulb fly attack, a suitable seed dressing should be applied.


Slugs are still causing some concern in the less developed oilseed rape crops, particularly those established relatively late with a sub-soiler.  It has been pleasing to see the 1.5% metaldehyde products have been just as effective as the old 5% products, while at the same time enabling us to be more environmentally friendly and complying with stewardship guidelines.


A small amount of grain hollowing has been seen in recently drilled wheat particularly on strong patches, which have been treated accordingly.


Winter bean sowing is continuing, with some earlier sowings now emerged.  Pre-emergence broadleaved weed programs have been based around prosulfocarb, pendamethrin, or clomazone (noting some products can only be applied under a SOLA).


Finally don’t forget the soil protection review deadline is fast approaching.

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