Pulse yields and quality prove pleasing

Peas have yielded surprisingly well this year, and quality is excellent, according to Peter Busfield, director at Lincolnshire seed merchant Dunns.

“Seed crops are normally grown in the prime rotation slots on good soil, so they tend to be somewhat later to harvest.

“Neon has done very well, averaging over 5t/ha (2t/acre), with Kabuki at 3-5t/ha (1.25-2t/acre).

“There have been some very good green colours this year, especially in Neon and Kabuki,” he said. “I haven’t seen much bleaching after the rain.”

The large blue variety, Daytona, had done exceptionally well at over 5t/ha (2t/acre).

“We were expecting problems with late frosts and the drought, but they survived and growth rates where phenomenal when the rain came later in the season.”

Gregor white peas had also done well, said Mr Busfield. “Harvest has been frustrating, with the rain, but we’ve been very pleased with the pulses.”

Although most winter barley had suffered due to the drought, Cassia had performed well, at up to 7.4t/ha (3t/acre).

And the Null-lox spring barley Charmay, cut on Monday (15 August), proved excellent at 8.6t/ha (3.5t/acre), he added.

Wheat had been varied, with Hereward on light land badly affected by drought. “But the more up-to-date varieties rode the drought better.

“They shed one or two tillers, but pushed through and provided very acceptable yields of about 10t/ha (4t/acre) on the Fens and 8.6t/ha (3.5t/acre) on lighter land.”

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