Pulses suffer in wet weather

Human consumption bean crops have suffered badly from lack of pollination and pod-set in northern England, where yields are likely to be poor.

However, further south there were some very good spring crops with lower Bruchid levels than in recent years, which would help boost quality, said a report by the British Edible Pulses Organisation.

“Overall yields will likely be around 3.5t/ha, giving a total crop of 300,000-350,000t, assuming average harvest conditions.”

The French bean harvest was expected to start at the end of the month.

Combining peas in Thornhaugh were ready to harvest, but rain was delaying any action, said the report.

Later sown crops had been badly affected by the cold wet weather, with some lodging also evident.

“French crops in the south are all but harvested, with average yields for spring sown but poor yields for winter sown crops.”

The rain would inevitably affect British marrowfat pea yields this year, with more disease and lodging, it added.

“The weather has underlined the importance of widening pea rotations above four years – longer rotation crops are markedly better this year.”

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