Rained off in Hertfordshire

Persistent drizzle has prevented combining today (26 July) at Alistair Pinkerton’s Blackbird’s Farm, Aldenham, Hertfordshire.

“We started oilseed rape on Wednesday but it wasn’t quite ready, so we got into it again on Saturday and Sunday.”

So far the 28ha (70 acres) of Castille had yielded about average, although it was too early to tell it’s exact yield, said Mr Pinkerton.

After the Castille he had Cabernet to cut, which had suffered from frost damage in the spring.

“As soon as we’ve finished the rape we’ll be straight into wheat – the rape is late and the wheat is early.”

Mr Pinkerton had 200ha (500 acres) of Xi19 to combine. “It looks dreadful as it’s been badly knocked by the drought.”

Crop: Oilseed rape
Variety: Castille
Area: 28ha (70 acres)
Yield: Average

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