Reasonable yields near Padstow

Heavy rain has brought harvest to a halt at Tregirls Farm, Padstow, Cornwall, where Charlie Watson-Smyth has cut 49ha of winter barley so far.

“It’s yielded 6.8t/ha dry, over a weighbridge, which is better than we’d expected, all things considered,” he said.

The Cassia had a bushel weight of close to 70kg/hl, which was clearly where the yield had come from, he added. “Good bushel weights make all the difference – it’s in complete contrast to last year.”

Maris Otter winter barley was averaging over 70kg/hl, and was producing a nice bold malting sample.

“Last week we were chasing the ripening crops, but we’re keen to get on now, just as it’s started raining.”

Mr Watson-Smyth had another 40ha of winter barley and 100ha of spring barley to cut, plus 10ha of winter wheat.

“There’s not much cut around us yet – I think everyone’s about ready to go this week.”

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Cassia
Area: 49ha
Yield: 6.8t/ha

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