Record breaking harvest at JV Farming

Harvest has broken two records at JV Farming, Martinsdown, Dorset, with the earliest start in memory and the highest oilseed rape yields ever.

Harvest started on July 9, with 225ha (555 acres) of Flagon winter barley and 30ha (74 acres) of Maris Otter cut on a neighbouring farm.

Yields were very variable, ranging from 4.52t/ha (1.8t/acre) on sand to 9.03t/ha (3.65t/acre), said operations director Tim Merry.

“The total average was 7.08t/ha (2.86t/acre), dry over a weighbridge.”
Oilseed rape harvest started on a neighbouring farm on Saturday (24 July), with 117ha (289 acres) of Castille yielding 3.87t/ha (1.56t/acre) dry over a weighbridge.

“A 107ha (264-acre) block of Catana was started on Tuesday on one of the members farms, and early indications are that we have broken the 5t/ha (2t/acre) for the first time ever,” said Mr Merry.

“This is a good result for all of us here at J V farming – we have worked very hard to achieve these yields and we are all very up beat about the rest of the 517ha (1278 acres) of oilseed rape we have to cut this year.”

The remaining rapeseed looked good, including some Cabernet, and was coming in at around 9.5-10% moisture.
“With our Claas 600 able to cover 50ha (124 acres) a day we expect to be into Gallant milling wheat early next week.”

Crop: Oilseed rape
Variety: Castille
Area: 117ha (289 acres)
Yield: 3.87t/ha (1.56t/acre)

Variety: Catana
Area: 107ha (264 acres)
Yield: 5t/ha (2t/acre)

Crop: Winter barley
Varieties: Flagon and Maris Otter
Area: 225ha (555 acres) and 30ha (74 acres), respectively
Yield: 4.52-9.03t/ha (1.8-3.65t/acre), average 7.08t/ha (2.86t/acre)

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