Rothamsted scientists to answer your questions

Read the transcript of our exclusive Q&A about Rothamsted Institute’s controversial GM wheat trials.

FWi users put their questions to a panel of senior scientists, including Dr Toby Bruce – one of the leading scientists who helped write the project proposal at Rothamsted.

The Q&A was also be joined by Dr Wendy Harwood, a senior scientist at the John Innes Centre, who specialises in GM crop plants.


Dr Wendy Harwood works at the Crop Genetics Department at the John Innes Centre (JIC) in Norwich. She’s a senior scientist specialising in the genetic modification of crop plants, in particular wheat and barley. Dr Harwood is an honorary lecturer at the University of East Anglia.

Dr Toby Bruce is a senior research scientist at Rothamsted Research, with a background in biology and a PhD in chemical ecology. He is one of the main scientists involved in the GM wheat project. He helped write the project proposal and is involved in analysing smells made by the plants, testing them with insects in the lab, field trials, data analysis and report writing.

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