School kids visit carrot producer

Over 30 children from Sturton le Steeple Primary School made an educational visit to Martin Evans’ Freshgro Farm at Bilsthorpe, near Newark, last week, where they were given a guided tour of the factory and packhouse, teaching them the story of the “great British carrot”.

Martin Evans, chairman of the British Carrot Growers Association, was keen to support the ongoing media campaign, which this year is focusing on children and nutrition. 

“Today’s children are the carrot consumers of the future and it is our job to make sure that the UK’s favourite vegetable stays that way for generations to come”, he said.

The school’s head teacher, Vera Ballinger, was full of praise for the visit, saying, “We are always keen to promote healthy lifestyles and eating habits.  It was a real learning experience for the children to see what full scale production looks like.”

The education theme will continue in the autumn, with a Carrot Carnival celebrating the delicious vegetable for school children in Lincolnshire.  A new website has been created especially for children, with downloadable factsheets and fun facts, as well as the story of the carrot superhero, Captain Carrot, and his war on the evil Baron von Burger.

“Carrots are incredibly popular with children”, added Mr Evans. “They tell us its because they are sweet and crunchy and encouragingly, they know that they’re a healthy choice in their lunchboxes.”

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