Scots harvest not so bad after all

His one combine has a 24 foot header, allowing him to cut 32ha (80 acres) a day.

On the whole his harvest has been good, he told FARMERS WEEKLY Harvest Highlights.

“The major downside of the harvest was the oilseed rape. The later stuff had 20% sprouting and I don‘t know what I‘m going to get for it.”

His wheat was yielding well at an average of 10 t/ha (4.05 t/acre). He was happy with his first wheats as they held on better and looked cleaner.

Robigus did not seem to perform as well, compared to Riband, but Mr Grant-Suttie said it would be unfair to judge the variety on this year alone and will grow the variety again next year.

“I‘m delighted with it because it looked so awful and in the end it hasn‘t done so badly.”

He had one sample taken with 9.6% protein and 75 kg/hl specific weight with negligible sprouting and fusarium ear blight.

This year Mr Grant-Suttie has been particularly impressed with his Optic spring barley. It yielded above average at 7.41 t/ha (3 t/acre) and nitrogen at around 1.4%.

He is pleased to have now finished and will start drilling his oilseed rape in the next few days.