Scottish harvest stop-start

Scottish grower Ian Green said harvest had been a “stop-start affair” in Morayshire, but finished a couple of days earlier than usual on Monday (4 Sept).

Wheat had done well this year with 90ha (225acres) of Riband and Predator averaging 9.6t/ha (3.38t/acre), which was on a par with the farm average. Quality had been “really good”, and he planned to grow similar varieties next year.

Spring barley had been variable from 328ha (820acres) of various varieties. Quality had mainly been good but nitrogen levels were a little higher than normal. But he said the last 43ha (108acres) had sprouted in the wet and warm weather.

“Some of the barley suffered from pre-germination due to the weather, but the remaining crop went for malting.”

Eight hectares (20acres) of oats had been a disaster having all gone flat in recent wet weather. “They just all collapsed.”

Mr Green said most farmers were just finishing harvest in the area, but had suffered from recent wet weather.

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Riband and Predator
• Area: 90ha (225acres)
• Yield: 9.6t/ha (3.38t/acre)
• Quality: Good

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