SDHIs show their worth in cereal fungicide survey

Some 90% of winter wheat growers plan to use an SDHI fungicide on their crops once, while 52% are going to apply one twice in the season, according to a Farmers Weekly online survey on cereal fungicide use.

Of these wheat growers, some 98% were targeting the crucial flag-leaf T2 spray timing for their SDHI applications normally applied in May.

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All respondents said they will be using a multisite active ingredient, such as chlorothalonil or folpet, in their programme at least once, with 75% committed to using a strobilurin.



Of product choices, Bayer’s Aviator is the most popular with 48% preferring its bixafen-containing SDHI-triazole formulation, while BASF’s SDHI-triazole Adexar was just behind with 35%.

In winter barley, 92.5% of growers will be using an SDHI fungicide, with 62.5% planning to use one twice.

The SDHI chemistry will predominantly be used at the key T1 treatment for the winter barley crop, with 85% of those planning to use an SDHI at this GS32 timing.

The product of choice is Bayer’s SDHI-triazole Siltra Xpro, with 62% of respondents planning to apply it to their winter barley crops, with Syngenta’s SDHI-based Bontima in second with 32%.