Shropshire concern for wheat yields

Bruce Udale told FWi that he was “pretty certain” wheat yields would be lower this year as the crops had completely burnt up. “They should have three weeks to go. We normally start combining on Aug 10, but this year it will be a week early.”

With 445ha of Access, Robigus and Napier winter wheat, he said crops on the lighter soil had suffered worse. Access was mainly on the lighter soil because he said it was most likely to stand up to heat, “but in this extreme weather, nothing can easily survive”.

Mr Udale said crops in the area had looked very well a month ago but were now generally suffering from septoria and eyespot, as well as from the heat wave. “They should still be green but they’re too dry.”

He suggested some barley in the area was yielding well on neighbouring farms, having missed the heat during growing season, but moisture levels were down at 12%.

In contrast he hoped 120ha of Lioness and Castille oilseed rape should be a decent crop, and ready to cut within a few days.

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