Shropshire Solstice looking promising

Duncan Whiteman had been held back by three or four days of rain at Arlescott Farm, Shropshire, and was testing to see if he could go again today (August 22).

“I’m depressed – and it’s all down to the weather!”

He had cut 18ha (45ac) from 108ha (270ac) of winter wheat. Robigus had done well at 10.75t/ha (4.3t/ac), and he was part way through a field of Solstice which was “looking promising”.

“We have not finished that field but the quality looks fantastic. I hope the rain doesn’t affect it.”

Mr Whiteman had a few bales to move and there was still a lot of straw on the grains, but it was all “horribly wet”. Remaining crop was ready to cut and all still standing.

“We’ve a bit to go but not yet concerned. We had the same sort of weather last year so we’re not panicking.”

He expected to be finished in 10 dry days.

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Area: 18ha (45ac)
• Variety: Robigus
• Yield: 10.75t/ha (4.3t/ac)

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