Slow going in Warkwickshire

David Brightman of Gaydon Hill Farm, Gaydon was today spraying Hereward wheat with glyphosate and having his final load of oilseed rape co-op-dried.

He had finished his 60ha (150 acres) of Lioness rape bar a small area hit by wet weather, pigeons, weeds and increasing numbers of rabbits.

The crop, harvested at 16-17% moisture and dried to 8.5%, had delivered less than 2.5t/ha (1t/acre), he estimated.

Among his 200ha (500 acres) of Hereward, Einstein and Solstice, the first wheats looked fine, but seconds less so. He also had about 40ha (100 acres) of field beans to do, and progress was slow.

“We’re miles behind last year and everything is taking more time and money.”

Crop Harvest
• Crop: OSR
o Variety: Lioness
o Area: 60ha
o Yield: below 2.5t/ha
o Moisture:16-17%

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