Slow start for vining peas in Scotland

“Not brilliant” is how Andrew Latham, general manager for Scottish Borders Group vining pea co-op, describes progress on this season’s 1400ha crop.

The peas, biennially contracted to Asda, are drawn from 32 members including (as pictured) McGregor Farms (Coldstream).

Harvesting began on 2 July, slightly earlier than normal, but wet weather has delayed ripening and slowed the group’s three PMC viners. And the area is up 400ha on two years ago, notes Mr Latham.

“We’re only about 65-70% of where we should be by now and in terms of yield. We’re averaging about 1.5t/acre, but we expect 2.”

Quality so far has been good. “We’ve been keeping pace. But if we got some hot weather I’m a bit concerned that they could all go off in a hurry.”


* Harvest Highlights 2007 is sponsored by RAGT.


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