South: Rain justifies T3 fungicide sprays

The rain has finally arrived and for the second time this year the countryside has turned green overnight. Whether it is in time enough to save any struggling wheat or barley crops I’m not sure, but it is certainly a welcome sight. 


It has certainly justified continuing with the T3 fungicide protection programme, as many of these crops will now continue to stay green for a near normal period of time. To that end, all my wheats will have had a triazole/strobilurin ear-wash by the time this report goes to press. However, the overall fungicide spend this year will be similar or less than last year. 


The rain has meant final germination of all the spring-drilled crops and as soon as the weather warms up I’m sure the maize will take off nicely. As it was so dry at drilling hardly any crops received a pre-emergence herbicide and those that did nearly all need over-spraying. 

Broad-leaved weed control in linseed crops has not been too good again and similar to last year we are finding crops where we have plants nearly flowering and just emerging in the same field. At least the crop price remains high.


Spring beans are flowering nicely and are having a fungicide and bruchid beetle spray. On some occasions, this has gone on separately if bees have been actively foraging in the crop.

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