Spending on peas and beans will pay

Be prepared to spend on combining pea and field bean crops this year to guarantee the premiums on offer, visitors to a recent PGRO open day were told.

Technical director Anthony Biddle said taking special care with crop inputs would help growers meet unfilled markets.

“With peas, that means using a two-spray fungicide programme to get both a yield response and to reduce the risk of staining,” he said. “If the weather becomes changeable, it takes on even greater importance.”

Pea moth adults had already emerged, he added. “So you should be spraying as soon as you can and following it up with a second spray 14 days later, to protect later pods.”

Loading peas

On marrowfats, manganese should be applied at the same time, he noted.

On spring beans, Dr Biddle highlighted the revised recommendations for bruchid beetle control.

“The spray timing should coincide with egg laying. This is stimulated by temperature, so if there are two consecutive days at 20°C when the first pods are present, growers should spray.”

This first insecticide spray should be followed up ten days later, he added. “Use angled nozzles for this job, as you get better spray penetration.”

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