Spring barley soon to follow OSR in Dorset

Having started on the 121ha (300 acres) of oilseed rape at Fair Mile Farm, Dorchester, Dorset on 18 July, Jim Goddard expects to be into Optic spring barley in two days time.

“The weather’s been so hot we’ve been getting two days in one,” he said. “The barley was drilled early and had a good drink in May which looks as though it should see it through.”

Yields of rape are about average. “But it’s been relatively easily gathered which is worth a lot.”

Of his two varieties, Fortis at about 4.2t/ha (1.7t/acre) has been outyielding Es Astrid by about 0.6t/ha (5cwt/acre).

Starting moisture of the desiccated crop at 10% had quickly fallen to 9%.”But it’s all been through the drier to cool it,” he said.

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