Storms fail to stop harvest in Norfolk

Last night’s (26 July) storms did not slow down the harvesting at Waldersey Farms, Norfolk.

The farm grows winter wheat, oilseed rape, dried peas and potatoes and all are on schedule, with wheat combining having just started.

Some 130ha (325 acres) of peas have been harvested with a yield of 2t/ha and with a moisture content of 13-16%. “The peas have done very well here in the past and this year is no exception” commented farmer Peter Tegerdine.

The oilseed rape has performed as normal, although there was a slight decrease in yield to 3.5-3.7t/ha (1.4-1.5t/acre) and with a moisture content of 5.5 – 6.5%.

Stem canker has been a problem in Winner this year, he added. “So this year will be the last year we will grow it.” Other problems include excessively dry oilseed rape and “pinched” seed.

Mr Tegerdine is also concerned with the potatoes due to the hot dry weather. “We had a 100 gallon reservoir installed nine years ago and this is the first year we are having to use it in anger”. But despite this there are still concerns that yield and size will be down.

  • Crop: Oilseed rape
  • Variety: Expert, Lioness and Winner
  • Area: 106ha (262 acres) each
  • Yield: 3.5-3.7t/ha (1.4 – 1.5t/acre)
  • Quality: Moisture 5.5-6.5%


  • Crop: Peas
  • Variety: Nitouche
  • Area: 130ha (325 acres)
  • Yield: 4.9t/ha (2t/acre)
  • Quality: Moisture 13-16%

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