Success confirmed in Berks

“After the heavy rains of last week, the specific weights dropped slightly, but overall this is still an excellent year for our barley.”

Siberia has yielded 9.3t/ha(3.8t/acre), while Carat produced 8.8t/ha (3.6 t/acre).

Mr Smith intends to start harvesting his oilseed rape next week, but said “our oilseed rape harvest is later than usual”

He grows 180ha (445 acres) of Winner, Caracas and Royal oilseed rape and a further 150ha (370 acres) of wheat.

“Shannon was our best variety last year, we managed to get 4.5 t/ha (1.82 t/acres) out of the crop”

This year, however, Mr Smith said his oilseed rape crop is looking “a bit patchy”.

But he went on to say “the winter wheat crop is looking very good this year.”

Mr Smith has Solstice, Welford, Access and Claire wheat and hopes the crop will be as successful as the barley crop he has just finished harvesting.