Supermarket to slash price of fruit and vegetables as part of healthy eating campaign

At least one major supermarket is expected to slash the price of fruit and vegetables this week as apart of a nationwide initiative to reduce obesity.


The move will form part of the government’s Change4Life campaign which will be launched later today (10 Nov) by health secretary Alan Johnson.


Statistics suggest that obesity is now such a problem that within the next 50 years around 90% of the population will be obese if things are left unchecked.


A third of 11 and 12 year-olds are overweight and about 9000 people die a year of obesity-related conditions.


An advertising and education campaign will be funded by £75m of public money and will bear the motto: “Eat well, move more, live longer.” It is not clear how the supermarket will be funding the price cuts.


Are you concerned about how the price cuts are going to be funded. Discuss the issue on the forums.

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