Supplies of prothioconazole are limited, admits Bayer

Global demand for prothioconazole has put pressure on the volumes of the fungicide that can be manufactured this spring, Bayer CropScience‘s Steve Patterson says, but claims industry rumours about the scale of any shortfall are ill-founded.

“We do have limitations on product availability for the UK but these are likely to be no more than the expected decline in planted areas for wheat and oilseed rape,” he says.

Demand for fungicides in 2008 was exceptional worldwide, he notes. “We saw large increases in European fungicide demand and this was also the case in all the important regions around the world.

“Prothioconazole is a high performance fungicide and is in heavy demand across the globe. In 2008 we utilised our reserve stocks to try and meet the market needs and we are making new investments to increase capacity, but it is not possible to transform production capability in one season.”

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