Telone stays – for now at least

Telone II, a contractor-applied liquid soil fumigant used to control potato cyst nematodes (PCN), and elsewhere in Europe as a methyl bromide alternative, will be available until at least March 2009.

That’s the reassurance from maker Dow Agrosciences after a recent EU decision not to grant Annex 1 listing to 1,3-Dichloropropene, the nematicide’s active ingredient.

The company says it intends to submit more data as soon as possible to lift 1,3-D onto Annex 1 before the product is due to be taken off the market, and so maintain its long-term use.

About 60% of arable land in potato rotations is infested to some degree by PCN, noted the BPC’s Mike Storey. “That’s about 80,000ha.”
With Temik (aldicarb) no longer approved, retaining plenty of PCN control measures is important, he said.

“We need to maintain a range of nematicides and nematistats for use in integrated programmes in GB.”

Other measures include resistant varieties, rotations and trap cropping.

Unlike granular chemical options, which only suppress infestations, Telone II kills nematodes over their extended hatching period, Dr Storey pointed out.

“Telone is used on 20-30% of the infested land, and BPC has been supportive of the application to retain 1,3-D for use on potatoes.

“We hope Dow will be successful in its re-application.”

PCN infestations cost the UK industry about £50m a year, according to the company.

“Telone II will be available until at least spring 2009 and possibly autumn 2010,” said the firm’s John Sellars. “It is hoped that with resources secured, Annex 1 inclusion will be achieved before these dates.”


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