Third edition of Crops Digital gives sprayer tips

The third edition of Crops Digital offers tips and advice on sprayer set-up and maintenance for this spraying season.

Fungicides can account for up to 20% of the total input costs for a wheat crop, and with feed wheat prices over £200/t, growers cannot afford not to get the most out of their fungicide programmes this season.

Boom height, nozzle choice and water volume are all factors in ensuring the product reaches the target, thereby maximising efficacy.

On top of this, there never seems to be enough spray days at this busy time of the year. The consequences of any delays can prove costly, applying T2 fungicides a week late can mean a yield penalty of about 0.5t/ha. Checking sprayers for any early signs of wear and tear and carrying spares can help avoid those costly breakdowns.

The four interactive pages in this month’s Crops Digital edition, sponsored by Syngenta, will help you set your sprayer up so that you get the most out of your fungicides and maximise sprayer use efficiency. There is also a special focus on machine maintenance, so you don’t lose out on the valuable spray days in the workshop.

Users can click on various points of a typical sprayer – boom, nozzles, intake hopper and in-cab controls, to access video tips from the award-winning sprayer operator Andrew Myatt.

The next two pages focus on sprayer maintenance, including what essential spares you should carry in the cab so you can spend the maximum valuable spraying days out in the field, rather than in the workshop making repairs.

There’s never been more information at your fingertips to ensure you correctly apply fungicides this spring.

Eight digital editions of Crops will be rolled out this year. They will complement the printed magazine with media-rich content and essential information, laid out in a fast and easy-to-use format.

Each digital edition will contain four unique interactive pages of exclusive content. These interactive sections will focus on a key topic, building on Crops‘ regular features and giving readers new information and a new experience.

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