Trials find sequence potential

A COMBINATION of products has been found to improve control of rhizoctonia and other potato tuber diseases, according to Bayer CropScience-funded trials.

The trials showed that combining Monceren DS (pencycuron) seed treatment with an in furrow application of Amistar (azoxystrobin) gave better results than using the products individually.

But currently there is no supported recommendation for the use of Monceren DS and Amistar in sequence, although it is hoped this can be gained for 2006, said Bayer‘s Nigel Adam.

“Controlling soil-borne Rhizoctonia has until now been difficult to achieve. However, using Monceren DS and Amistar in sequence substantially reduces the symptoms of the disease,” he said.

Different chemistry and modes of action for the products means this approach could also help reduce potential resistance build up, he added.

The best control of stem canker, stolon pruning and black scurf on sites with both seed and soil infection was achieved using 2kg of Monceren DS plus 3 litres of Amistar, the trials showed.

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