Trials to analyse effects of potash on combining peas

The effect of potash applications on combining peas is being assessed in new PGRO trials.

The trials, sponsored by K&S will investigate three different rates of potash application to peas and spring beans with the aim of detecting any differences in yield and quality.

PGRO technical director Anthony Biddle highlighted that the last substantial trials analysing the effects of potash in peas were carried out in the late 1940s at Rothamsted when the results of the trials were inconclusive. But much has changed since then.

“If potash is being neglected, this may be one of the limiting factors for yield,” he said.

Three different potash treatments – muriate of potash (MOP), kieserite (magnesium sulphate) and gypsum (a source of sulphur) – are being investigated and most of the material was incorporated in early March on soils pre-analysed for sulphur and magnesium content. Results are expected in November.

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