Unsettled weather annoys farmer

Caley Sackur said he‘s been struggling with short, sharp thunder storms and showers over the past five weeks on his farm near Driffield, North Humberside.

“We‘ve been held up again by a heavy downpour this morning where we got 3mm in 10 minutes – this whole harvest has been very annoying, it‘s on and off continually.”

Mr Sackur has cut 32 ha (80 acres) of Pearl yielding 7.66 t/ha (3.1 t/acre).

He said he‘s pleased with the quality. “there have been nearly no screenings although nitrogen content is up at 1.8% which is a little bit concerning.”

Mr Sackur has also combined 48 ha (120 acres) of Royal oilseed rape.

“This has been the third year in a row we‘ve grown Royal and its done well every time, we’ll definitely grow it again next year.”

The Royal was yielding 4.94 t/ha (2 t/acre) at 9-12% moisture leaving Mr Sackur saying “I’m very pleased.”

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