Vaderstad to showcase precision drills

Vaderstad will be showcasing its latest precision drills at this year’s Cereals event.


Spirit Next is the next generation Spirit model, with many new features. It is responsive and manoeuvrable in the field and on headlands and provides impressive precision in seed placement even at high drilling speeds.

It also has a new cushioned mounting for the coulter aggregate – the classic Väderstad rubber mounting in a new design with the triangular TriForce beam.

The TriForce rubber mounting is characterised by a quiet ride and is completely maintenance-free. The high coulter pressure and the powerful construction allow drilling on heavy soils. A large rebound range and linear resistance give stable rebound with constant force.

This new construction gives the entire coulter aggregate good stability in both the working and transport position. The coulter aggregate executes a predetermined, responsive action, which gives high drilling precision on varying soil types and uneven fields. The soil contouring is impressive, even at high drilling speeds.

With BioDrill on Spirit, a ley or catch crop can be undersown with high precision in the same pass as drilling of the cereal crop. BioDrill 360 has pneumatic metering and the seed hopper can hold a full 360 litres.

BioDrill has electric drive, allowing very accurate adjustment of the seed rate between 1-30 kg/ha. The seed is broadcast by the spreader nozzles, which are closely positioned with 50 cm spacing and give a double overlap, which ensures uniform seed distribution over the entire working width. The seeds are distributed in front of the drill aggregates on Spirit and are covered over by the following harrow.

Spirit Next has a new metering system that gives simple and speedy turn tests, stable and consistent metering and the possibility to sow extremely small doses – under 1 kg/ha.

The system is fully corrosion-proof. Metering is controlled by a powerful electric motor that gives a stable and reliable metering function. The system has low and high gears. A flap for shutting off the flow of seed to the drill system makes it easy to work on the seed house even when the hopper is full.

Five important features of Spirit Next

1. TriForce rubber mounting gives impressive drilling precision

2. BioDrill available as option

3. Electric metering

4. Flexible rubber in the slot closer wheels can cope with wet conditions

5. Cylinders with greasable joint bearings of robust design (30mm)

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Vaderstad.


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