Variable in Yorkshire

Farmers have cut about half their wheat in North Yorkshire, and yields are extremely variable, says independent agronomist Patrick Stephenson.

“We’ve had some very big yields and we’ve had some very average yields – it just depends how deep the soil is.”

Overall, yields were slightly below average. Second and continuous wheats had performed poorly, but quality of all wheat was good so far, he said.

“We’ll need to wait and see what this week’s weather does to it. I would think the wheat is nicely mature now, so after this week it will start to lose quality.”

Winter barley had been disappointing, with few crops yielding over 7.4t/ha (3t/acre). “The drought really took its toll.”

Oilseed rape was very good, and spring barley had been better than expected. “They won’t be record yields. The big thing that’s helping everybody is the price.”

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