Variable Lincs oilseed rape

Lincolnshire farmer Adrian Howell from Sutton Bridge is starting combining again today (16 August) after the weekend rain.

Yields were variable on 160ha of Winner, Toccata and Expert oilseed rape ranging from 4.5t/ha at best to 2.5t/ha on the worst fields. He said this was due to establishment and pigeon damage rather than variety differences.

Fifteen percent of 800ha of Cordiale, Claire and Robigus has been cut with good yields and good quality, he said. Robigus was the heaviest variety yielding over 11.25t/ha. Cordiale yielded just over 10t/ha, whereas Claire yielded just under 10t/ha.

The yields are better than last year, but he was disappointed at having to dry everything. He expects to be finished within the next two weeks if the weather stays dry.

  • Crop/Variety: Oilseed rape – Winner, Toccata, Expert

  • Area: 160ha

  • Yield: 2.5 – 4/5t/ha

  • Quality: N/A


  • Crop/Variety: Cordiale, Claire and Robigus winter wheat

  • Area: 800ha

  • Yield: Robigus 11.25t/ha, Claire just under 10t/ha, Cordiale just over 10t/ha

  • Quality: N/A

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