Yield maps: Spring barley yield gap narrows to 0.32t/ha

The gap between this year’s average spring barley yield and the five-year mean has narrowed to 0.32t/ha, while winter wheat remains close to average.

Harvest results for a further four AHDB Recommended List spring barley sites have been unveiled this week, along with winter wheat trials figures across four locations.

The additional data from three more sites in the Lothians, Yorkshire and Shropshire brings the average spring barley yield to a buoyant 8.00t/ha, which is still well above the five-year average of 7.68t/ha. The gap is down slightly from last week’s 0.44t/ha.

Spring barley maps: Check out the top-performing varieties in your region

To date, the highest yields are from the Herefordshire site, averaging 9.10t/ha.

Newly recommended Origin (107%) continues to top the variety list, while the fully approved brewing variety Planet has achieved 106%. Laureate (provisionally approved for brewing and distilling) has achieved 105%.


Moving to winter wheat, results from sites in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Hampshire and Fife resulted in little change to the average, which stands at 10.76t/ha, just above the five-year average of 10.63t/ha.

Group 4 hard feed varieties lead the way on outright yield, with Belgrade still topping the yields at 107%, with Graham close behind on 105%. The Group 4 hard feed variety Silverstone is also performing well at 104%.

Wheat maps: Check out the top-performing varieties in your region

Candidate varieties are also performing well, with hard feed candidates led by Shabras on 106% and top soft feed candidate Stratosphere with the same yield.

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