View pictures from the Future’s in Your Hands event

View pictures from the Future’s in Your Hands, the ground-breaking new event for farming’s young entrepreneurs.

Farmers Weekly and the Red Meat Industry Forum brought young farming entrepreneurs and established industry leaders together for the first time, to kick-start an industry-wide debate on how British agriculture can foster a new spirit of entrepreneurship.

If you missed the day at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, or have a view or a story you want to share on how farming can encourage entrepreneurship among new entrants and young farmers, visit our forums.

Click on our forum and go to The Future’s In Your Hands.

You can share your views, leave feedback from the event, and use the online forum to meet other young entrepreneurs to share ideas and contacts.

Take this chance to shape your farming future.

Pictures from the event:

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IA 5 iA 6 IA 7 IA 20  IA 9 IA 3

IA 11 IA 12 IA 14

 IA 16 IA 28 IA 1 IA 17 IA 19  IA 21

 IA 23 IA 31 IA 25 IA 26 IA 27 IA 15

IA 29 IA 30


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