Walkers apologises if crisp packets cause offence to flood-stricken potato growers

Crisp company Walkers has apologised for the wording on the back of its packets, which it admits could cause offence to farmers because of the current flooding crisis.

Currently crisp packets carry the message: “Muddy Good Potatoes! Everyone complains about the weather, but at Walkers we’re happy when it rains! Lots of rain produces the best potatoes.”

Lincolnshire farmer Will Forington of Home Farm, East Stockwith told Farmers Weekly that he had been very disappointed to see the comment.

“With some 15 inches of rain falling in the majority of the large potato growing areas and many growers facing financial ruin, I personally think Walkers should be ashamed of themselves.

“This to me further highlights the large gap between grower and processor.”

A spokeswoman for Walkers said: “The message on the back of our crisp packets was developed many months ago to highlight our strong and long-standing relationships with farmers and our support for the British farming industry.

“We apologise to anyone who may be offended by this communication as a result of the current flooding crisis.”

Walkers support for British growers is such that it announced two weeks that all of its crisps will be made from British potatoes.



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