Ways to get the best from OSR Herbicide

AVOID SPRAYING when nights are frosty to get the best from oilseed rape herbicide Galera (clopyralid + picloram).

That is the main message from Dow AgroSciences, which had the broadleaved weedkiller used on 20,000ha (50,000 acres) last spring despite late approval.

Feedback and trials show the product”s cleavers, sow-thistle and mayweed control is much better if cold nights are avoided.


For cleavers, where the full 0.35 litres/ha dose is a must, results from 12 trials clearly show the trend, explains the firm”s Rene Pollak. “We got up to 98% control, which was even higher than we expected.

” Normally the figure is nearer 80%, adds colleague Donald Westwater. “It was a very good result and we don”t want to over-sell it. That”s why the label talks only of suppression.”